Queen Of Cabaret Glamour

Paulus is a chanteux who lives in the shadows of society. Wherever there are families watching The One Show, Paulus is nearby with wire-clippers. Wherever people extol the virtues of Michael McIntyre, Paulus is prepared with gaffer tape. We are living in a dark and dingy world. Paulus just snuffed out a candle.

A formidable storytelling-drag-diva who is taking the cabaret scene by storm after convalescing at the Betty Ford clinic for the previous thirty years. Will sing for gin*

*That is a lie – Paulus wants cash money, people!

Video: Rebecca Kenyon, Mote of Dust Films

Paulus2 hours ago
Daffodils! It's Spring! Hurrah! Happy April! Pictures by the wonderful Steve Ullathorne 🌼🌼🌼
Paulus17 hours ago
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London, United Kingdom
Read a bit more about my #VictoriaWood and #LookingForMeFriend Journey on my website! Link is in the bio, and there's new blog posts every week. Don't worry they're not that boring or long! #Paulus #Blog #Blogpost
Paulus19 hours ago
Got time for a little admin?
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Staying in touch remotely, and talking flexing new muscles with my ever-industrious student, Roman Ackley
Paulus21 hours ago
New Podcast Ep now live!

#episodeGuid=c3ea21a9-1fd7-48c8-bdf9-ad63961c311d" target="_blank">https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/up-yer-arts-podcast/id1495205320#episodeGuid=c3ea21a9-1fd7-48c8-bdf9-ad63961c311d
Paulus2 days ago
An Absolutely beautiful shot by Steve Ullathorne for my show Looking For Me Friend ! Head over to the page if you have no idea what I'm talking about 💛 #Lookingformefriend #Paulus #VictoriaWood
Paulus is a firm favourite at the Café de Paris, London. Regularly hosting Showtime Cabaret, he controls the room with sharp wit, fantastic vocal ability and presence. Always a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.

Tom Gravett, Café de Paris

Paulus at Privée absolutely nailed it! Epic voice, funny, naughty, PERFECT!!

Delores Deluxe, Privée/Hippodrome Casino

Paulus is an industry gem and absolute professional. Entertaining and insightful, he brought a new level of expertise and hilarity to our events.

Tempest Rose, House of Burlesque

Paulus has worked for many prestigious clients, including: