Paul offers bespoke 1-2-1 consultations as well as delivering courses Beyond Compère, Shaping Your Show, PLAY!, Be and The Singers’ Cabaret Workshop.

1-2-1 Consultations

Video: Rebecca Kenyon, Mote of Dust Films

Paul L Martin provides insight, advice and support, slanted towards honing the artistic content of an act/routine.

Sessions take place in South London in a safe, calm space in which to help focus your mind on furthering your career. 1-2-1 consultations are tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual with a sliding scale of prices depending on how many sessions you book (see chart below).

Paul has been in the variety business as a performer, producer, promoter and agent for 25+ years and still performs as a host & singer as well as sharing his knowledge with others.

Paul has been instrumental in campaigning for cabaret sections in Time Out, Lastminute.com, and Edinburgh Festival; runs workshops and lectures on the art of cabaret; has written articles on the genre and created the London Cabaret Awards.

Paul has the ability, rare in coaches yet most necessary in my opinion, to see the individual, not the “student”. He listens, is very astute and doesn’t pull any punches. Emily Davis, Cabaret Singer

A big YES. Invaluable advice and support.  Jo Marsh AKA Jo-Jo Bellini, Cabaret Singer

I recommend Paul wholeheartedly. I have learnt so much from him over the last year and I am sure there is still much more to learn. Sarah Tullamore, Cabaret Singer

Please contact Paul if you’d like to make an appointment.

Number of sessions (sessions are 1hr long, except the initial one, which is 1.5hrs) Price Valid for
1 session £100 One month
4 sessions £340 (£85 each) Six months
6 sessions £450 (£75 each) Six months

Read an interview Paul gave to Fiona Coffey of Cabaret Scenes on Developing Cabaret Talent.

Beyond Compère

Celebrated cabaret and burlesque host, Paul L Martin, is offering his 25+ years of experience to others interested in learning the art of the compère. An established facilitator and teacher, Paul will share the tips and tricks of his trade in a fun, friendly and informative way.

  • How do I talk to an audience?
  • Do I have to be funny?
  • What is my on-stage ‘clown’?
  • Hecklers
  • Diplomacy and organisational skills
    …..and much more.

Paul’s work has seen him host at such prestigious venues as Café de Paris, Knebworth, Her Majesty’s Theatre, Theatre Museum and The National Theatre. He has presided over high-end events like The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, Olympics Staff Wrap Party, The Ukulele Festival of Scotland and The Festival of Thrift.

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Shaping Your Show

How do I put together a one-person show?

What songs do I choose? How many do I need? What do I say in-between? Do I need a theme? What’s my USP!?! ARRRGGHHH!

A practical workshop for performers embarking on their first solo cabaret/concert or seasoned artistes wishing to learn Paul’s techniques and tips from the past 25 yrs.

Curated and run by Paul L Martin with a musical accompaniment.

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A day of play! No agenda. No end goal. No smart phones.

Just creative adults who want to blow away the cobwebs and get inspired by turning off their brain and having fun!

Curated and run by Paul L Martin with musical games and accompaniment from Jordan Clarke.

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How can we get out of our own way as artistes? Am I brave enough to just ‘be’?

‘I assume the perfect piece of art is already in there, and my only job is to chip away at the excess marble’, Michaelangelo

Come and chip away at your excess marble with facilitator Paulus (Paul L Martin) and accompanist Jordan Clarke on a day of exploration for the singer on how simple and in the moment one can be, whilst still creating impact – perhaps creating more?

For anyone who has ever been told they are ‘too much’, ‘not present’, ‘too introspective’ or if you simply want to explore your change persona and ask ‘do I need to do this?’.

Be – Saturday 13th April (10:30am – 5:30pm) f h space, 9 Havelock Walk, Forest Hill, London SE23 3HG

Singers’ Cabaret Workshop

Video: Rebecca Kenyon, Mote of Dust Films

The only course of its kind in the UK, The Singers’ Cabaret Workshop is a unique opportunity to be mentored by Paul L Martin, Jamie Anderson and other top UK cabaret practitioners to craft your own totally individual cabaret set and persona. It is ideal for anyone with previous singing experience looking to gain new skills and hone their craft.

The course culminates in a showcase performance, offering the rare opportunity for participants to demonstrate their newly-developed skills in front of friends, family and alumni.

To find out more and to apply, please visit www.singerscabaretworkshop.co.uk.

The Singers' Cabaret Workshop

The Singers' Cabaret Workshop offers in-depth training into the art of cabaret for the vocalist. A raw, exposing genre, cabaret is much maligned and often understood, but with our series of exercises, games and famous Song Surgery you can join the growing band of artistes showing how cabaret can best be done and what it has to offer in the 21st Century
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I’m hosting on 25th Aug - take advantage of this great offer and come see me then!
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Come see me tomorrow night in my new show with live band - if you’re lucky I’ll do the Bumblee Tuna song! 🐟

Tix at https://www.pizzaexpresslive.com/whats-on/paulus-beta