Queen Of Cabaret Glamour

Paulus is a chanteux who lives in the shadows of society. Wherever there are families watching The One Show, Paulus is nearby with wire-clippers. Wherever people extol the virtues of Michael McIntyre, Paulus is prepared with gaffer tape. We are living in a dark and dingy world. Paulus just snuffed out a candle.

A hilarious singer and stand-up comic who is taking the cabaret scene by storm after convalescing at the Betty Ford clinic for the previous twenty years. Will sing for gin*

*That is a lie – Paulus wants cash money, people!

Video: Rebecca Kenyon, Mote of Dust Films
Paulus19 hours ago
Bank Holiday Caption Competion! And...go!
Paulus6 days ago
Paulus is coming to Poplar this Thursday - there's a Canal nearby, apaz, so I could chuck myself in if I bomb...
Poplar Union
Roll up, roll up! This Thursday we have our Cabaret on the Canal - meet your host for the evening, award-winning musical theatre performer and ‘doyen of London cabaret’ Paulus Paulus will be welcoming to the stage experimental theatre and performance artist Sandra Boom, Italian performance artist, theatre maker and comedian Patrizia Paolini, and drag, queer femme identities, and low brow/trash culture inspired Scarlett Lassoff. Book your tickets here: https://bit.ly/2DfJB6i
Paulus1 week ago
WALES!!! Paulus is hosting Electric Burlesque TONIGHT in Newport!
Paulus2 weeks ago
Caption competition time again kids! And...go!
Paulus2 weeks ago
Today, Matthew, I am *this* Marlene...think someone had just poked an eclair through the curtain.
Paulus is a firm favourite at the Café de Paris, London. Regularly hosting Showtime Cabaret, he controls the room with sharp wit, fantastic vocal ability and presence. Always a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.

Tom Gravett, Café de Paris

Paulus at Privée absolutely nailed it! Epic voice, funny, naughty, PERFECT!!

Delores Deluxe, Privée/Hippodrome Casino

Paulus is an industry gem and absolute professional. Entertaining and insightful, he brought a new level of expertise and hilarity to our events.

Tempest Rose, House of Burlesque

Paulus has worked for many prestigious clients, including: